Complaints Procedure

If you feel unhappy, angry or dissatisfied with a service you have received from an associate or member of Bronntanas, this leaflet is designed to help you make a complaint – who to contact and what we will do to put things right, if possible. Unfortunately, there are occasions when problems arise, and as part of our commitment to good quality service, we try to make sure we listen to any difficulties you may have with our service.

Complaints are valuable to us, because they give us information about what you think of our service. We know there is always room for improvement and would want to consider all problems as quickly as possible.

Our Commitment

We are concerned to deal with all complaints in an efficient and understanding way. To achieve this we will:

  1. Take all complaints seriously and treat them with respect
  2. Ensure complaints are dealt with in confidence where appropriate
  3. Deal with complaints as quickly as possible
  4. Provide a final written response within 28 days of receipt of the complaint
  5. Review patterns of complaints and try to improve areas with recurring problems


How to make a complaint

  1. In the first instance please talk to your therapist about your complaint.
  2. If this conversation does not resolve things to your satisfaction, then please put your complaint in writing to the Director.  S/he/They  will respond to you within 14 working days. It may be that you will be invited to a meeting.
  3. Following this, and if you are still unhappy, you can forward your complaint to the trustees of Bronntanas, a registered DAC . The trustees will make sure that your complaint  is thoroughly investigated