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Bronntanas depends on both monetary donations and contributions in kind to enable the provision of psychological support to LGBTQIAF people living in rural Ireland who may not have the necessary financial resources. Your support will empower us to offer a low-cost psychotherapy service that provides LGBTQIAF-affirmative psychological care. Your contributions will also enable us to undertake qualitative research to understand what works in the non-urban context. 


If you are an experienced psychotherapist/counsellor or trainee (with 80 client hours) who is seeking to work with this client group, please contact us. We aim to build a community of LGBTQIFA-identified and/or -affirmative practitioners. Your participation will shape the focus of Bronntanas. 


If you are a fundraiser, Bronntanas welcomes your support to make psychotherapy accessible and affordable.


083 412 3447